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    Pentair Muriatic Acid Feed Canister with Controller IntellipH 521377
    Part Number: 521377

    Price:  $586.95
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    Muriatic Acid Feed Canister with Controller IntellipH by Pentair 521377

    The Muriatic Acid Feed System that stabilizes pH levels - automatically

    IntellipH automatically dispenses a constant dose of muriatic acid to keep a pool's pH levels in check. Left unmanaged, improper pH can lead to clouded water, irritated eyes and damaging calcium scale buildup that can disfigure a pool, clog its filter and weaken sanitizer effectiveness. The IntellipH system vastly reduces the need for your customers to handle muriatic acid. IntellipH is the perfect companion for the IntelliChlor salt chlorine generator. Together, they help keep your customer's pool chemistry in perfect balance - for a sparkling, problem-free pool that reflects well on you.


    • Protects your pool equipment from corrosion when pH swings out of balance
    • Acid dispensing rate adjusts with the touch of a button
    • Makes sanitizing more effective by eliminating fluctuations in pH level
    • Bolts securely to the equipment pad to prevent poolside acid spills
    • Powered by either IntelliChlor Salt Chlorine Generator Power Center or EasyTouch or IntelliTouch Automation system with IntelliChlor support for easy wiring and installation
    • Large 4 gallon reservoir
    • UL and cUL listed
    • One-year limited warranty on electronics and metering pump

    The IntellipH controller is the perfect companion for theIntelliChlor Salt Chlorine Generator.
    It automatically dispensesmuriatic acid to balance your pool's pH while the IntelliChlorgenerator creates pure chlorine from salt, right in the swimmingpool.
    The IntellipH controller eliminates fluctuations in pH level,protecting your pool equipment from corrosion caused when pHswings in and out of balance.
    The IntellipH controller assuresmore effective sanitization, resulting in pool water that's easier onswimmer's eyes, hair and swimwear.

    The IntellipH controller is safer and more convenient for poolowners. When it's time to refill the IntellipH controller's acidcontainer, you simply remove the plastic cap from the gallon jug ofmuriatic acid, leaving the foil seal in place. Then invert the jug overthe IntellipH controller's container. An internal mechanism piercesthe foil seal, allowing the acid to drain safely into the reservoir,avoiding potentially hazardous poolside splashes and spills. If you're already using the IntelliChlor generator, then choose theperfect mate for safer, convenient pH control the IntellipH controller.

    The IntellipH controller has earned the EcoSelect brand, designating it as one of the mostenvironmentally respon

    The IntellipHcontroller makes managing your pool's pH a breeze. Itworks in perfect harmony with your IntelliChlor Salt ChlorineGenerator, providing a constant acid dose to maintain just the right pHlevel. Plus, the IntellipH controller eliminates poolside spills.

    IntellipH Automatic pH Dispenser Installation and User's Guide


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