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    Taylor Complete Test Kit Pool Water K-2005
    Part Number: K-2005

    Price:  $49.34
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    Complete Test Kit Pool Water by Taylor K-2005


    The most popular choice is our best seller, the Complete™ Kit (K-2005). So named because it includes all the tests needed to keep pool/spa water sanitary and in balance, the Complete Kit is distinguished by:

    • a comparator block with six printed-color standards for color-matching tests, namely chlorine, bromine, pH, and acid and base demand (for adjusting pH);
    • a large sample tube built into the block for performing drop tests, namely total alkalinity and calcium hardness;
    • a small sample tube built into the block for performing the turbidity test used to monitor cyanuric acid;
    • 14 bottles of .75 oz. liquid reagents;
    • high-range chlorine and bromine tests (.5-5 ppm and 1-10 ppm, respectively, with 10 ppm chlorine achievable by dilution of the sample water);
    • a Watergram® for determining the Saturation Index, i.e., scaling or corrosive water;
    • Taylor's 60-page testing guide with treatment tables; and a
    • 7.5"w x 4.5"h x 3.75"d polypropylene case (with room to add up to three more reagent bottles—for instance, Deox Reagent (R-0867) for removing sanitizer-test interference caused by non-chlorine shock products).

    Components for Kit Number: K-2005

    Component Description Quantity 
     5136 INS,K-2005 SERIES 
     7047 CASE,2000,TOP/BOTTOM 
     7049 CASE,2000,HANDLE,(71 
     7292 LABEL,K-2005,COMPLET 
     8026 KIMPAC, 4 X 7.75 WHI 
     9056 2000 CL/BR DP HI/PH 
     9191 BOT,CA DISP,7&14ML,P 
     R-0001-A DPD RGT #1; .75 OZ D 
     R-0002-A DPD RGT #2; .75 OZ D 
     R-0003-A DPD RGT #3; .75 OZ D 
     R-0004-A PH IND SOL (PR);.75O 
     R-0007-A THIOSULFATE N/10; . 
     R-0008-A TOT ALK IND; .75 OZ 
     R-0009-A SULFURIC ACID .12N; 
     R-0010-A CALCIUM BUFF; .75 OZ 
     R-0011L-A CALCIUM IND LIQ; .75 
     R-0012-A HARDNESS RGT; .75 OZ 
     R-0013-A CYA RGT;.75OZ DB 

    Potential Interferences for Kit Number: K-2005

    Test Parameter Description
     Calcium, Magnesium, Total Hardness Metal ions may cause interference; to prevent, add titrant containing EDTA to sample before buffer and indicator, then test as normal making sure to count drops of titrant added initially in total required to reach endpoint. If interference still occurs, dilute sample with DI water as necessary and retest.
     Chlorine Chlorine levels > approx. 10 ppm may bleach out indicator; to prevent, dilute sample with DI water as necessary and retest.
     Chlorine Other halogens and oxidized manganese may cause positive interference.
     pH Iron > 10 ppm may cause negative interference.
     pH Sanitizer levels > approx. 10 ppm may cause a blue-purple color resulting in false high readings. Wait for sanitizer level to decrease to normal levels and retest to assure an accurate reading.
     Total Alkalinity High halogen level may change indicator reaction from green/red to blue/yellow; to prevent, add thiosulfate prior to testing.



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