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    Pentair Small Rear Niche 3/4 in. Hub Vinyl Fiberglass 78242200
    Part Number: 78242200

    Price:  $78.74
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    Small Rear Niche 3/4 in. Hub Vinyl Fiberglass by Pentair 78242200

    Small Niche For Manufactured Vinyl Liner / Fiberglass Pools or Spas & Tub.

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Punch or drill 6 sealing holes, 2 retainer holes and large panel hole, as per circular panel cut-out information.

      One of the two gaskets has larger holes to go over the retainer screw head.

    2. Make sure double wall gasket is around the niche flange. Insert the stainless steel light niche through wall panel from inside the pool.
      1. Align the two retainer screws holes (diametrically opposite one another at top and bottom) of the light niche with those that were drilled or punched in the wall panel.
      2. Insert the two fillister head retainer screws through light niche and wall panel.
      3. Align the holes of the back-up ring and rear gasket, (the gasket without larger holes), with the holes on the back side of the wall panel.
      4. Fasten the back-up ring and second gasket to the back of the wall panel by tightening the two fillister head retainer screws. At this point the wall panel is sandwiched by two gaskets.
    3. If this is a vinyl pool, install the vinyl liner. For fiberglass pools skip to step 4.
    4. Align front gasket (gasket with the two larger holes to go over the retainer screw heads) with brass-chrome sealing ring and fasten tightly to the light niche with the six 10-24 x 1 1/8 inch flat stainless screws provided for that purpose.
      1. Be sure the two countersinks on the back of the sealing ring (top and bottom) line up with the heads of the retainer screws, and the two large holes in the third gasket are placed over the heads of the retainer screws.
      2. Be sure the pilot screw hole of the sealing ring is at the center top. For vinyl liner pools, pierce the liner through the sealing ring holes, one at a time, and insert and tighten each screw at it's hole pierced.
      3. Each screw should be inserted and tightened through the sealing ring (in proper order), front gasket, vinyl liner if there is one, flange of the light niche, double wall gasket, wall panel, rear gasket and into the backup ring.
    5. For a vinyl liner pool, cut out vinyl liner along inside diameter edge of the sealing ring.
    6. Connect rigid conduit from niche-fixture housing to junction box. The junction box (or for 12 volt models, the low voltage transformer) must be located at least 4 inches above ground level and 8 inches above water level and at least 48 inches from the edge of the pool.
    7. Bond the niche-fixture housing to all other metallic items within 5 feet of the pool, using a No. 8 AWG bond wire. Bond connection is located at the rear of the niche.
    8. If non metallic conduit is used a No. 8 AWG bonding/grounding wire must be installed through the conduit from the junction box to the bonding/grounding lug inside the niche. The connection inside the niche must be sealed with a listed sealant such as 3M Scotchcast.

    Pentair Small Rear Niche 3/4 in. Hub Vinyl Fiberglass 78242200


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