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    Eco Saver Solar Panel Pool Heating System 30 in. X 10 ft.
    Part Number: ECO SAVER 10

    Price:  $177.45
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    Eco Saver 2 Solar Panels 30" X 10' Pool Heating System

    • The ecoSAVER solar panel system is designed to warm your pool water by absorbing warmth from the sun. The
      water flows through the multiple tubes in the panels collecting heat as it passes through. The heated water is then
      returned to your pool, thereby heating your pool and saving energy costs.
    • The ecoSAVER System connects to the pool pump and filter and requires no additional source of energy or power.
      The pool pump must be running and water must be circulating through the solar panels for water heating to occur.
    • With proper installation, the ecoSAVER system can raise pool water temperature up to 10 - 15 ° F and extend your
      pool season. (Temperature gain is dependent on the number of hours of sunshine in the middle of the day and the
      ambient air temperature.)
    • The ecoSAVER system is made from LDPE resin polymers. LDPE is ideal for its flexibility, resilience and chemical
      resistance. The ecoSAVER system will provide years of use. The flexibility of ecoSAVERs LDPE material allows for easy handling and fast installation.
    • LDPE polymers will withstand temperatures up to 175 ° F. This allows you to install it in direct sunlight in a hot
      location (such as a hot roof) where it can absorb the maximum amount of heat more quickly.

    Proper Sizing of an ecoSAVER System:

        The number of ecoSAVER solar collector panels required will vary depending on many variables including: the size of the pool, the number of sunny days, and the average air temperature.

        On cloudy or rainy days water circulation through the ecoSAVER panels may actually cool water. If you run your filter
    at these times, you may purchase the optional Diverter Valve Kit. Installing a Diverter Valve will allow water to bypass the panels and return directly to the pool.

        A solar blanket and reel system must be used for optimal results. Failure to properly use a solar blanket will diminish heat gain and temperature retention, especially at night. Please cover the pool at night and when not in use.

    Round Pool Oval Pool Rectangle Pool 10 system
    (2 panels)
    up to 21 up to 15 x 25 up to 14 x 28 1 system
    24 15 x 30 15 x 30 1 - 2 systems
    28 - 30 16 x 32 16 x 32 2 systems
    33 20 x 40 20 x 40 2 - 3 systems
    Northern or cooler climates will require the larger quantity of systems. Warmer climates may use the smaller quantity of systems. Additional panels can easily be added at a later date if you desire.

    For Installation you may also need (optional):

    Eco Saver Installation Manual


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