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    .Jandy DEV DEL Filter Diagram

    Available In Store Only!

    Jandy DEV/DEL Series Filter

    For unsurpassed water clarity choose Jandy Diatomaceous Earth Filters. The Jandy DEV filters extra large capacity extend cleaning cycles and reduce energy usage. Our easy-grip tank handles make installation and cleaning easy. One-of-a-kind pressure gauge/air release valve with built-in water saving Clean/Dirty indicator accurately tells you when the filter requires cleaning.

    • Designed to easily connect with other Jandy Products via Jandy's exclusive Versa Plumb system.
    • Easy-grip tank handles
    • Combination pressure gauge/air release valve with Clean/Dirty indicator - reduces energy usage
    • Extra large capacity for extended cleaning cycles - reduces energy usage
    • Attractive, compact design fits easily into small plumbing configurations
    • Tough, UV and corrosion-resistant, thermoplastic tank
    • Heavy duty, rigid tank clamp
    • Accommodates three types of valves; multiport valves, slide valves and the Jandy NeverLube Backwash Valve
    • Automatic internal air relief
    • Industry standard, curved grid design maximizes surface area
    1 R0357100 DEV/DEL Handle Assembly w/ Hardware (set of 2)
    2 R0359900 DEV/DEL Handle Hardware (set of 4)
    3 R0357200 DEV/DEL Gauge/Air Release Assembly
    4 R0569600 DEV Pressure Gauge
    R0359600 DEL Pressure Gauge
    5 R0552000 DEV/DEL Tank Adapter w/O-ring
    6 R0357300 Tank Lid DEV60
    R0554700 Tank Lid DEV48
    7 R0359700 DEV/DEL Top Spacer for DE Grids
    8 R0405100 DEV48/60 Spacer, Large Filter
    9 R0358700 DEV/DEL Breather Tube Assembly
    10 R0359000 DEV/DEL Manifold Assembly
    11 R0359300 DEV/DEL 60 Tie Rod w/Knob & Lock Nuts
    R0554800 DEV/DEL 48 Tie Rod w/Knob & Lock Nuts
    12 R0357400 DEV/DEL Tank Clamp Ring w/Knob Assembly
    13 R0357500 DEV/DEL Clamp Ring Assembly w/Threaded Rod and
    14 R0357800 DEV/DEL Tank O-ring
    15 R0358100 DEV/DEL 60 Outlet Tube/Elbow Assembly w/O-rings
    R0555100 DEV/DEL 48 Outlet Tube/Elbow Assembly w/O-rings
    16 R0358400 DEV/DEL Inlet Elbow w/O-ring
    17 R0359500 DEV/DEL DE Grid Support
    18 R0359100 DEV/DEL 60 DE Grid, Full Size (7 required)
    R0555000 DEV/DEL 48 DE Grid, Full Size (7 required)
    19 R0359200 DEV/DEL 60 DE Grid, Short Span, (1 only)
    R0554900 DEV/DEL 48 DE Grid, Short Span, (1 only)
    20 R0359400 DEV/DEL Tie Rod Knob
    21 R0405200 DEV/DEL Ring, Retaining
    23 R0466500 DEV Bottom Assy, Universal Unions
    24 R0465600 DEV Bulkhead Assembly with O-ring
    R0358200? DEL Bulkhead Assembly with O-ring
    26 R0461800 DEV Universal Half Unions (set of 4) and Drain
    Plug Cap (not shown)
    R0358800? DEL Filter Drain Plug
    27 R0442600 DEV/DEL 60 Complete set of filter grids (7
    full-size, 1 short span) (not shown)
    28 R0442700 DEV/DEL 48 Complete set of filter grids (7
    full-size, 1 short span) (not shown)
    29 R0327300? DEL Filter Coupling Nuts (not shown)
    30 R0449000 DEV Filter Tailpiece Union Nut (not shown)

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