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    PoolRx Small Spa Unit 100-400 Gal. Spa 101057
    Part Number: 101057

    Price:  $26.24
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    100-400 Gal. Spa Small Spa Unit by PoolRx 101057


    PoolRx contains a proprietary blend of minerals that continuously and effectively eliminates algae. The specially treated alloy cylinder is packed with the PoolRx mineral formulation. These minerals immediately dissolve out of the cylinder and form a stable residual throughout the pool water for up to 6 months. The minerals eliminate the algae while freeing up low levels of chlorine to be more active and productive in the water. During the pools filtration process the minerals are rejuvenated every time they return and pass through the cylinder. PoolRx works synergistically with a constant low level of chlorine. Residential (0.5-1.0ppm); Commercial (1.0-5.5ppm)

    The EPA Registered, NSF Certified PoolRx family of products are non-corrosive and do not adversely affect water chemistry. Normal Spa Chemistry Ranges Required. The PoolRx Method is proven to provide algae free water with less chemicals providing a healthier, safer, eco-friendly swimming environment.


    PoolRx is a unique chelated mineral algaecide and chemical reducer that saves you money and simplifies maintenance while improving the look and feel of your water. PoolRx is effective for up to 6 months and a mineral booster can be added if necessary for longer seasons or extreme conditions.  The PoolRx method is proven to save money and time, while solving a variety of problems, and fulfilling the most common customer requests.  Ideal for all of your chlorine pool, salt pool and spa customers.  PoolRx is NSF certified and Perfect for Residential and Commercial use.

    What will PoolRx do?

    • Eliminates All Algae:
    • PoolRx will eliminate algae immediately and continuously for up to 6 months.
    • For extreme conditions or longer pool seasons you can add a PoolRx booster mineral tablet if needed.

    How: PoolRx minerals dissolve out of the unit in the first 24 hours and form a stable residual throughout the entire body of water killing algae and bacteria. This frees up low levels of chlorine or salt chlorine to be more active and available.  As the minerals pass back over the PoolRx unit during circulation, they are reenergized and last up to 6 months.

    • Reduces Chemical Demand:
      • 50% Reduction in your chlorine or salt chlorine demand.
      • 100% Eliminate need for harsh chemicals like phosphate removers, clarifiers, sodium bromide, etc.

    How: PoolRx only requires 0.5-1.0ppm residual of chlorine or salt chlorine in the water to be completely effective.  So you can start by putting in less.  Second, the minerals are freeing up a low chlorine residual to become more active and available so it will take even less chlorine to reach your desired ppm.

    • Simplifies Pool Maintenance:
      • No installation required.

    How: Start with a clean filter and simply drop PoolRx unit into the skimmer or pump basket, maintain normal pool chemistry, and as little as 0.5-1.0ppm of chlorine or salt chlorine. Do not re-clean or backwash filter for at least 2 weeks so minerals can dissolve through filter.

    • PoolRx minerals last for up to 6 months.
      • Minerals are lost through algae and bacteria kill, splash out, filter cleaning and back washing
    • For longer seasons or extreme conditions, a PoolRx Booster (pn.102001)can be added if needed
      • Mineral Booster should be added to skimmer or pump basket to dissolve. Not inside of unit
      • Leave original PoolRx unit, now empty, in either basket so it can rejuvenate booster minerals
      • Start with New PoolRx unit at the beginning of each season
        • PoolRx unit is effective in rejuvenating minerals for up to 12 months in the water and needs to be replaced every year
    • Reduces Energy

    How: PoolRx is so effective you may be able to turn down the circulation pump run times, saving you money on your monthly electricity bill.  With the PoolRx method you only need to turn water over once in 24 hours.

    • Prolongs the Life of your Equipment and Surfaces

    How: Less run times on circulation pump equals less wear and tear, longer life. PoolRx minerals include a natural de-scaler that will also help to extend equipment and surface life.

    • Ideal for Salt Cells – Improve water quality- prolong life of salt cell

    How: With PoolRx in the water, you can turn down Salt Generator by 50%. Thus, also reducing the acid needed to balance the water.  The mineral formulation includes a natural de-scaler that helps keep the cell cleaner, longer, reducing frequency of cleaning.  With PoolRx there is no need for other harsh chemicals.  All of these factors improve the quality of water, while prolonging the life of the salt cell and reducing scale build up on surfaces and equipment.

    • Replace the need for a Salt Pool

    How: A PoolRx Mineral Technology Pool is even better than a Salt Pool.  The minerals work with a very low chlorine residual and no other harsh chemicals to provide amazing water that is easy to maintain.  PoolRx and 1-2 tabs per week. Add a mineral booster in 4-6 months if needed.  Start with a new PoolRx unit at the beginning of every season.

    • Prolongs 'Water Life'

    How: 50% less Chlorine means 50% less Cyanuric Acid (CYA) build up, (if you are using tabs).  With PoolRx you can 100% eliminate the need for other harsh chemicals.  Less total chemicals means lower TDS (Total dissolved solids)  Lower CYA and TDS means water does not get “OLD” as quickly.  It will now take less minerals and chlorine to be effective for a longer period of time.   With PoolRx it will require less frequent “drain/refills” of pool.

    • Improves the Quality of Water and Bather Experience

    How: PoolRx minerals work with a very low chlorine or salt chlorine residual, with no other needs for specialty chemicals.  No Algae with less chemicals provides clean, clear, healthy water.  Better for your eyes, skin, hair, and lungs compared to high levels of chlorine and other harsh chemicals; like phosphate removers, clarifiers, sodium bromide, etc. With PoolRx your water will look and feel like never before

      PoolRx is:

    • Proven worldwide since 1994 – It really works!
    • Safe – NSF 60 Certified  / drinking water standards
    • Effective – ideal for any size body of water / pool or spa /salt or chlorine / residential or commercial
    • Easy to use – drop in skimmer or pump basket / lasts up to six months / add booster if needed
    • Beneficial to Bathers – provides clean, clear healthy water with less chemicals
    • Eco-Friendly – using less chemicals / less energy / less water / increasing lifespan of surfaces and equipment
    • Cost Effective – saving you money / time / effort




    3 Easy Steps To Installation

    • Step 1: Start with a Clean Filter
    • Step 2: Drop spa unit into skimmer or place between cartridge filter pleats.
    • Step 3: Maintain normal spa chemistry ranges;


    • Unit must be replaced at the beginning of every swimming season for effective results.
    • PoolRx Mineral Booster (UP# 102001) should be added after approximately 4 to 6 months, based on bather load and conditions. MInerals are lost through algae kill, backwashing and filter cleaning. (8oz of PoolRx minerals)
    • The Booster should be added to the skimmer to dissolve. Note; The minerals do not need to be added back inside the PoolRx unit.


    • Maintain normal pool chemistry ranges;
    • Residential Chlorine 0.5ppm – 1.0ppm
    • Commercial Chlorine 1.0ppm – 5.0ppm
    • pH 7.2 – 7.8
    • Alkalinity 80 – 120
    • Cyanuric Acid 10 – 80


    Q: Does PoolRx work with salt system?

    A. Yes, Benefits:

    • The salt cell can be turned down by 50% of previous setting.
    • Swimming in lower salt chlorine levels, improves bathing comfort.
    • Less high pH chlorine (11-13) will need to be produced.
    • Less high pH chlorine means less acid will need to be added to balance it.
    • The life of salt cell will be extended. (Salt Cells are at least $600.00 to replace).
    • Less scale build-up on salt cell and pool surface. The zinc in PoolRx is a natural de-scaler.

    Q: Will the copper mineral in the PoolRx stain the pool?

     A: No. This is an issue with other copper based products, but NOT PoolRx as it has a patented chelating agent. The chelating agent is bonded to the minerals allowing large fluctuations in pH and high chlorine levels (above 10.ppm) and the minerals will not fall out of solution.

    Q: If I have a green pool do I need to clean it up first?

     A: No. The Our EPA Registered PoolRx product is the best algaecide in the market. It will eliminate all types of algae. Just add the minerals and maintain.

    Q: Are the minerals toxic?

     A: No. The PoolRx has NSF certification for drinking water standards.

    Q: Do I have to wait to add the PoolRx unit if my chlorine level is high?

     A: No. Add PoolRx to the pool & the patented sequestering agents are bonded to the minerals and will not fall out of solution.

    Q: Are there any Third-Party testing that backs up your claims?

     A: Research Backs Technology The University of Arizona and a certified independent laboratory recently demonstrated that even very low chlorine residual levels (0.1ppm) are effective in treating pool water when there are copper and metallic ions present in the pool. Studies have shown that the ideal method is to use a combination of all three elements.

    A dual disinfection method (eg. PoolRx and a low Chlorine residual) was proposed after test showed that: “Two different elements of metals added together will allow more efficient disinfection kinetics to be achieved. One substance targets the surface of the micro-organism (algae/bacteria) injuring and killing the cell while a second substance targets the nucleic acid of the micro-organism , destroying the remaining micro organisms. By using this method of dual disinfection, reduced levels of both substances are more effective than much higher levels of either individual substance.


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