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    Goldline Salt Chlorinator Aqua Rite Main Board GLX-PCB-RITE
    Part Number: GLX-PCB-RITE

    Price:  $250.95
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    Hayward Aqua Rite Main Board GLX-PCB-RITE

    Because this replacement mainboard is used to replace various models, it must be configured to operate your pools Turbo Cell before operation. After installing the board, refer to the steps below to correctly configure the board for use with the installed Turbo Cell. Failure to perform this step may result in inaccurate salt readings, improper operation, and possible system shut- down.

    Determine the model of the installed Turbo Cell which can be found on its colored label.
    Refer to the following information and steps below to set the Turbo Cell type.

    • "t-15" = T-CELL-15, GLX-CELL-15-W
    • "t-3" = T-CELL-3, GLX-CELL-3-W
    • "t-5" = GLX-CELL-5, GLX-CELL-5-W
    • "t-9 = T-CELL-9, GLX-CELL-9-W
    1. Slide the l/lain Switch to the "Auto" position.
    2. Push the Diagnostic button repeatedly until "t-xx" appears on the display ("t-15" is the factory default). lf the desired cell type is displayed skip to step 4.
    3. To change to a different cell type, slide the lVlain Switch from "Auto" to "Super Chlorinate" and back to "Auto". Repeat this process until the desired cell type is dis played.
    4. Push the Diagnostic button to exit.

    The GLX-PCB-RITE has now been configured and is ready to start normal operation.

    All new GLX-PCB-RITE's will have a red and black wire harness attached to pcb to accomodate for ease of replacement.

    Please review the attached instructions (click on the images below to enlarge them) for the new wiring scheme.

    Image 1 Image 2
    glx_pcb_rite instructions glx_pcb_rite instructions
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