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    Clark Synthesis Aquasonic Underwater Speaker AQ339
    Part Number: AQ339

    Price:  $892.45
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    Underwater Speaker Aquasonic by Clark Synthesis AQ339

    The AQ339 Aquasonic Underwater Speaker is the worlds only full-frequency, full-fidelity underwater speaker. This amazing speaker brings water to life, enabling a wide array of pool enthusiasts to enjoy the gift of music below the waters surface.

    The AQ339 can be used in two different ways. For those wanting a more permanent installation, the AQ339 can be mounted inside a large light niche with a face ring kit (niche and face ring kit sold separately). For users who need underwater sound in multiple locations, such as synchronized swim teams, a tether can be attached to the AQ339 so it can be used as a drop-in speaker.

    An amplifier is required in order to operate the AQ339 Speaker. Clark Synthesis recommends using an amplifier that is stable at 4 ohms that can deliver 125-150 watts @ 4 ohms (per speaker).

    The AQ339 Speaker is perfect for:

    • Swimming Pools
    • Lap Pools
    • Resorts and Hotels
    • Synchronized Swimming
    • Swim Team Training
    • Marine Animal Training


    The Aquasonic AQ339 is the only full-frequency, full-fidelity underwater swimming pool speaker in the world. The AQ339 works in both fresh and salt water pools and can either be permanently mounted in a large (standard) light niche or used as a drop-in speaker (see figures 1 and 2 on the following page). The AQ339 comes with 100 feet of attached underwater speaker wire and can be installed at any depth up to 10 feet deep. This makes the AQ339 perfect for use in the deep end, shallow end, or any place in between.


    • It is generally recommended that one AQ339 speaker be used for every 20-foot by 20-foot section of the pool to provide the best sound coverage.
    • The AQ339 has been designed to be fully RoHS compliant.
    • The AQ339 contains an internal early warning" circuit that takes it offline when the speaker is being overdriven.
    • A power amplifier rated between 125 and 150 watts @ 4 ohms is required to run the AQ339.
    • In-wall mounting hardware and amplifiers are available through Clark Synthesis, Inc. Please contact us for more information.

    Continuous Power Handling: 135 watts
    Impedance: 4 ohms
    Overload Protection: Polyswitch
    Frequency Response: 20Hz to 17kHz
    Electrical Connection: 100 ft.- Underwater, 16-2 wire
    Dimensions: 8 in. diam. x 4.5 in. (11.5 cm) deep
    Clark Synthesis Underwater Speaker Aquasonic AQ339 Clark Synthesis Aquasonic Underwater Speaker AQ339 Installation Guide

    Products you might need for installation:

    Twenty years ago, very few people had heard of underwater loudspeakers. Today, they are one of the hottest accessories for new pool construction. Whether used for lap swimming, relaxation, or just playing with the kids, underwater speakers provide pool enthusiasts with music that completes the swimming pool experience.
    With so many pool users wanting underwater sound, it is important to know what to look
    for when selecting underwater speakers. A few key areas to keep in mind include:

    • Frequency Response
      Look for speakers that have good frequency response in the low, middle, and high frequency ranges. Many underwater speakers use piezo technology to reproduce sound. This is the same technology used to make high frequency tweeters for home theater speakers. Although piezo speakers do reproduce sound in the upper-mid and high frequency ranges, they cannot reproduce low frequency sounds, which can cause your favorite music to sound tinny." In order to get the best sound in your pool, insure the speakers you select can reproduce full-bandwith sound.
    • Speaker Placement
      There are two factors related to speaker placement that are important to consider when shopping for speakers. First, it is important to determine the amount of sound coverage you want in the pool. A good speaker will generally be able to deliver quality sound over a 400 sq.ft. area. Second, insure you buy speakers that can be mounted at varying depths. Some speakers are sold with minimum depth ratings. In order to give yourself the most flexibility in terms of installation and coverage options, buy speakers with no minimum depth requirements. This will allow you to mount the speakers in various areas of the pool, including the shallow end.
    • Appearance
      Given the amount of money spent on designing, constructing, and maintaining attractive swimming pools, it is important to consider how underwater speakers will look in your pool. If the speaker requires a special enclosure, it may not blend in well with your swimming pool fixtures and accessories. Consider buying speakers that are designed to be installed in widely-used pool light niches and mounting hardware. This will give your pool the attractive look you desire.

    With these factors in mind, you will be well on your way to finding the best underwater speaker for your pool. And, once installed, youll enjoy hour after hour of listening fun, not to mention being the envy of the neighborhood.


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