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    Pentair Sand-Vac Sand Filter Vacuuming Device 542090
    Part Number: 542090

    Price:  $94.49
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    Sand Filter Vacuuming Device Sand-Vac by Pentair 542090

    If you are going to buy The Sand-Vac then you will invest in a profit-making, people-oriented tool.

    If your service company charges normal rates, your SAND-VAC system will have paid for itself before you finish using it the second time.

    It will take the "pain" out of changing the sand in a filter to such an extent that you may begin to actually seek such jobs, rather than avoiding them.

    As with any tool, correct usage makes it more valuable and makes it last longer. The Following operating instructions are provided to start you down the right road. A few minutes invested in reading these instructions will save you a lot of time.


    Equipment Provided:

    1. The Sand-Vac Head
    2. 9 ft of 1-1/A Exhaust Hose
    3. As ft of 1-1/A" Exhaust Hose
    4. Instructions
    5. Storage Box

    Additional Eguioment Needed:

    1. 5/8" or larger Garden Hose
    2. water Supply with Normal Household Pressure

    Pentair Sand Filter Vacuuming Device Sand-Vac 542090

    SAND-VAC Operating Instructions

    1. Remove the filter tank's filling port cover.
    2. If a side-mounted multi-port valve is present, set it to the CLOSED position.
    3. Fill the filter tank to the top with water.
    4. Connect one end of a 5/8" or larger garden hose to the SAND-VAC and attach the other end to any standard water supply.
    5. Connect the 1%" exhaust hose to the SAND-VAC exhaust port. (Connect tightly with a "twisting" motion) If sand is to be exhausted into a bucket, use the b? ft. exhaust hose. If the sand lS to be spread onto a nearby area, use the 9 ft. exhaust hose
    6. Insert the SAND-VAC through the tank's filling port, into the filter and push the scoop gently into the sand bed.
    7. Place the loose end of the exhaust hose in the desired exhaust location. Be sure that once the exhaust hose leaves the filter tank that it continuously slopes downward. Any upward slope will cause sand to build up in the exhaust hose and reduce the efficiency of the SAND-VAC significantly.
    8. Be sure that neither the water supply hose nor the exhaust hose is kinked.
    9. Turn on the water supply.
    10. The SAND-VAC will normally partially prime itself. However a partial prime reduces the efficiency of the SAND-VAC system drastically. To accomplish a full prime, lift the exhaust hose so that it is at the level of the water surface in the filter tank. Be sure that all air bubbleS are out of the hose, then lower the hose quickly to the desired exhaust area.
    11. Stir the sand bed gently with your hand keeping the SAND-VAC scoop covered with sand. Keep sand at the opening at all times by moving either the SAND-VAC or the sand, or both, as needed.
    12. If a bucket is being used to collect the sand, turn off the water supply and empty the bucket as needed.
    13. If the filter tank empties of water before all sand is re moved, stop operation of the SAND-VAC and refill the filter with water. Once an adequate water level is re-established, resume operation of the SAND-VAC.
    14. When sand removal is complete, position the SAND-VAC at the bottom of the filter and turn off the water supply. The SAND- VAC will now empty the remaining water in the filter tank.
    15. When the filter tank is empty of both sand and water remove the SAND-VAC, clean the exhaust hose, and store the equipment in its box.
    16. The filter tank is now ready for repair, refilling, or removal.

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