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    Coral Seas Green to Clean 2 lb. CS-1060
    Part Number: CS-1060

    Price:  $26.99
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    2 lb. Green to Clean by Coral Seas CS-1060

    What is Green to Clean?

    Green to Clean is a chemical breakthrough! Amazing cleanup results when used prior to an EPA-Registered chlorine that kills, green, yellow, pink and brown algae.

    • NO Brushing Needed!
    • NO Metals
    • Safe for Vinyl Pools
    • Safe for Pools with Salt Generators
    • Patent Protected


    Yellow, green, brown or pink slimy algae on walls normally appears on the shady side of the pool where the vertical and horizontal surfaces of the step meet, below water fill line, along the walls and under the lights in the pool.

    MAINTENANCE APPLICATION: Use GREEN TO CLEAN for normal maintenance. Use 1/4 of initial recommended amount with your regular shock treatment.


    1. CAUTION: (1) NEVER PRE-MIX GREEN TO CLEAN WITH EPA REGISTERED CHLORINE OR OTHER CHEMICALS; (2) never vacuum pool immediately after application, and (3) never add GREEN TO CLEAN directly into the skimmer basket or filter suction line! Maintain proper pool chemistry at all times.
    2. SHAKE WELL TO BREAK UP THE LUMPS (product lumping in transit is normal). Clean DE or cartridge filters before proceeding (additional filter aid may be necessary with sand filter). Determine the size of the pool in gallons. Adjust chemical balance to pH ? 7.8 or higher, chlorine 2-2.5 ppm, alkalinity 80-120 ppm and cyanuric acid 25- 75 ppm.
    3. Add two pounds of GREEN TO CLEAN per 15,000 gallons water directly into any type of pool. Spread half of it along the perimeter of the pool, starting where the algae are the thickest. Concentrate the rest directly over problem areas. Never add more than is recommended.
    4. After 5 minutes, add two pounds of calcium hypochlorite or equivalent (See #4a) or one gallon (15%) of liquid chlorine per 15,000 gallons water directly over GREEN TO CLEAN. Follow the EPA registered chlorine manufacturer's recommended application instructions for different types of pool surfaces, Never add more EPA registered chlorine than is recommended.
      • Use of different types of chlorine:
        • Calcium hypochlorite - 2 pounds per 15,000 gallons.
        • Sodium hypochlorite (15% by weight) - 1 gallon per 15,000 gallons.
        • Sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione - 2 pounds per 15,000 gallons (also add 2 pounds soda ash directly over chlorine).
        • Trichloro-s-triazinetrione - 2 pounds per 15,000 gallons (also add 2 pounds soda ash directly over chlorine).
        • Lithiumhypochlorite - 4 pound per 15,000 gallons.
        • Tablets (Trichlor) - 2 pounds per 15,000 gallons (if tablets are used, they must be completely dissolved within a 24-hour period). Also add 2 pounds soda ash directly into pool.
    5. Circulate pool water for 24 hours using only the main drain, if possible. Check pump, valve setting and timer, disconnecting the off-timer dog (tripper), if necessary.
    6. After Step 4, super-chlorinate the pool water again 12 hours after initial application and again 24 hours after initial application--each time using 2 lbs of calcium hypochlorite (or equivalent) per 10,000 gallons or one gallon of liquid chlorine per 10,000 gallons. Return equipment and chemical balance to normal after algae are removed.
    7. GREEN TO CLEAN dissolves immediately, is neither an algaecide nor an herbicide and as such has no poisons in it. However, because of the concentration of EPA registered chlorine in your water after treatment, we recommend you stay out of your pool as long as you normally do after you shock or super-chlorinate your pool. How long you wait to swim after super-chlorination is a matter of personal choice, but we recommend waiting at least 8 hours. After the EPA registered chlorine has dissolved completely and when the pool is clear and visibility is good, you may swim at your discretion.

    CAUTION: Keep GREEN TO CLEAN and all pool chemicals out of reach of children. Rinse container thoroughly and dispose of it properly.

    NOTE: If your pool has TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) content above 1,500 ppm, treatment may require additional chlorine.

    GREEN TO CLEAN is guaranteed to perform when the simple instructions are followed. However, neither Coral Seas nor the seller makes any guarantee, expressed or implied, concerning this product when used in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Neither shall be held responsible for any personal injury, property damages or other types of loss resulting from mishandling, improper storage or improper use of this material.

    Method of using GREEN TO CLEAN with chlorine is covered by USA and Foreign Patents. GREEN TO CLEAN is a registered trademark of Coral Seas Please direct additional questions to 800-962-2222 (CST)

    Source for this topic is the manufacturer's website:, if you have any questions about the text (directions of use, safety, MSDS, FAQ, etc.) please visit their website or call them at 800-962-2222 (CST)

    CAUTION: Remember, Never mix GREEN TO CLEAN and EPA registered chlorine or any other chemicals together in a bucket and always rinse the bucket out after each use.


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